Living Well

My Personal Invitation to Live Wholly

Living well.  That is an ancient invitation.  Living well considers all life’s journey.  It sees life as a whole made up of our experiences, what we learn, and who we are becoming.  Living well means to live wholly.  My hope is that you will find words of wisdom in these posts; ideas and challenges that will help you live well, to live with purpose and intention.  That is my invitation….I hope you accept!

In the time ahead, I hope you will discover encouraging words and wisdom in the posts.  These are all things I have wrestled with and have found purpose in.  I do intentionally try to live well–wholly–every day.

There is a lot of frustration in the world and a lot of opinions.  My aim in these posts is to provide you materials that work…I know they work because I have trained thousands of people in them over the years, from civic organizations to the university classroom.  I hope you will try to live well through the comments and the suggestions made.

I am also looking forward to hearing from you.  What are your testimonials?  How have you tried living wholly?  Life is not for spectators.  It asks us to get engaged every day.  I hope you will live it well in whatever time you have been given.

So, here we go.  Blessings for each day of your life.


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