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March 2, 2010

Storing Goodness

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We easily recognize most fruit trees.  Apple, orange, and pear trees are quickly categorized by the fruit hanging from their branches.  Whether we live in the United States, Europe or the Far East, we can spot an apple tree when it is laden with fruit. I have traveled into the rural areas of India and can tell when I see an orange tree because I am familiar with the fruit; I recognize its outward sign that this tree is an orange bearing tree and not an apple tree.

Human beings are no different.  We can identify a person in our minds and hearts by what they do.  And if we categorize a person as good, the beauty of their behavior is the trademark—the outward sign–of how we know them.  American writer, Harry Allen Overstreet said it like this, “Goodness is a special kind of truth and beauty.  It is truth and beauty in human behavior.”

Goodness is not just behavior, but a chosen life attitude.  In goodness, we work at benefiting others and our communities.  We benefit others when we promote, minister to, assist, and serve people out of deepest character and values.  Goodness does not focus on control, opposition, or obstructing another person’s path, but seeks to act in ways that will promote their welfare and prosperity.

Jesus observed, “The good person brings good things out of the good stored in them.” As Jesus said, good comes from stored good.  Stored good is an attitude, based on continuously repeated action that can be drawn out in any circumstance.  Goodness stored in our souls is accumulated over time just as small deposits placed in a bank account can produce great wealth in time.  We are then able to display goodness when we tap these reservoirs pooled at the core of our beings.  Storing goodness is like saving money—it is a choice to act regularly in ways that will benefit in the future.  

Goodness is identifiable, just like fruit, no matter where you travel.  Goodness coupled with respect could be the core of diplomacy and world citizenship if we just practiced and behaved in ways that identified this fruit purposely stored in us.  But if we haven’t been storing it, goodness will not be available when needed.  I’ve traveled enough around the globe to see goodness shared between people of different cultures; it is a language of dignity that fosters fellowship and relationship as human beings.

Blessings to you as you consciously choose to store good in your life.  May you find in it grace and peace and relationship.

David Neidert


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