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February 7, 2010

Prostate Cancer: Ongoing Followup to Cancer treatment

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A blogger that helped me originally in my own prostate cancer journey wrote, “Prostate cancer is a life long journey.”  I know this is the case as I continue going to my post prostatectomy consultations.  After my initial post operative work, the appointments began being set every three months for the first year.  The main objective of these consultations is to answer three ongoing questions:  What is the return of potency, How are you healing related to incontinence, and cancer management.  These are three ongoing questions I continue to answer as I am now in year 2 of my post surgery consultations.

Ongoing consultations are essential, especially in the area of cancer management.  The routine PSA report helps the doctor to know that no cancer has returned.  I always wait for the response, “Your PSA shows non-detectable.”  That means there is nothing to detect in the area of prostate cancer.  However, as I am aware, the PSA test can detect the return of prostate cancer well before it may in fact appear in the body in some location.  Thus, the ongoing consultations are essential.

My consultations started at 4 times a year for the first year.  These carried over into year two as well.  Now heading into year three, my consultations will move to every 4 or 6 months, yet to be determined by my surgeon.  In all years following, it will be at least once a year.  These consultations are essential, as my surgeon reminds me.  He tells me from his own experience that many men stop the annual PSA and thus short circuit the cancer management part of the equation.  Because of this, he finds at times men return to him in more advanced stages of prostate cancer by not managing it over time—being aware of your body and your own situation.

Cancer is a disease bent on your demise.  It will silently do what it does if men do not pay attention and manage it to a CURE.  Without paying attention, cancer can accomplish what it intends….the overtaking of your body.

I now deal with these consultations with resolve.  At first, it was pretty mental to work through the possibility that the cancer was not dealt with in the surgery.  But now the cancer management is about my ongoing life and taking responsibility for living well.  I have a choice about that, and you do also.

Prostate cancer consultations and cancer management are a part of living well.  Make them a priority.  Blessings, grace and peace.

David Neidert


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